Rakeback deals

Finding the best rakeback deal is different for every player and actually not as easy as it sounds. There are many different offers from all kind of poker rooms and rakeback deal affiliates, so it can get a bit confusing and it is easy to get lost in the number of percentages.

We have tried to point out the overall return, which an average small stakes player can expect from the rakeback deal itself and from rake races or rake chases. However, finding the best rakeback deal depends on a lot of factors:


1) What kind of player type are you?

The kind of player type you are is the most important question you have to consider for your rakeback deal decision. Do you prefer tournaments or cash games, are you a 16-table-grinder or a recreational micro stakes player, do you play small stakes or high stakes, is your playing style more tight aggressive or loose aggressive? These are just a few things you should ask yourself.


2) Does my rakeback affiliate offer rake races?

Many rakeback players don´t know that they can significantly increase their profits with rake races. Rake races are leaderboard-based contests. The players who are generating the most rake in one month are rewarded with cash prices. Thus, high volume players can increase their normal rakeback deal by 100%. Rakeback-Account is proud to offer some of the biggest rake races on the internet. We provide rake races up to $60,000 in cash.


3) How do bonuses affect my rakeback deal?

Nowadays, most of the poker rooms don´t deduct your deposit bonuses from your rakeback. This means, that while you are clearing a bonus, your profits from your rakeback will not be reduced. One poker site which is still deducting bonuses from rakeback is Full Tilt Poker. However, though Full Tilt Poker reduces your rakeback while you are clearing a bonus, your overall return is much better than without the bonus (in case of Full Tilt Poker your overall return increases to 56%).


4) How much player traffic can I expect?

This is another question you have to consider for choosing the best rakeback deal, especially if you play higher stakes. If you play lower stakes you will find plenty of poker traffic nearly everywhere. Online poker became very popular in the last decade and there are many low stakes players even on the smaller poker networks. But if you are a high stakes player, it can be difficult to get action on the smaller poker networks.


5) Is the poker software proper for multitabling?

In the last years multitabling became the trend in online poker. While in the early years poker players were happy to play one or two tables, nowadays many players, especially rakeback players, like to play 6, 12 or even 18 tables. But in fact not every poker software is designed to fulfill these needs. Some poker sites don’t want massive multitablers and their software is programmed in a way, that makes multitabling quite uncomfortable. Therfore, selecting the right poker room for playing more than four tables is crucial.


6) What kind of Deposit and withdrawal options are available?

Poker sites with a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options will allow you to play with the confidence, that you can access your rakeback profits at any time. So be sure, there isn´t just one option suitable for you in case this option suddenly isn´t available anymore (legislation changes).


One poker room, that will not only meet but even exceed your respective expectations, is Party Poker. Party Poker offers an in-house loyalty program and you are able to get up to 50% rakeback equivalent. Unfortunately, Party Poker is not available for US players at the moment. An excellent alternative for US players is our Carbon Poker rakeback deal though.